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Life Bliss Meditation (Nithya Dhyaan)

Relax, Rejuvinate, Radiate

Life Bliss Meditation is a new 3-hour workshop cognized by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this workshop, the participants learn a highly effective meditation technique which beautifully blends the timeless techniques from Patanjali Yoga Sutras to Tantra from Shiva Himself. A tiny step inwards could catapult you to discover amazing possibilities in every aspect of life.

Why is Life Bliss Meditation for me?

Bliss is our true nature. However, we fail to realize this true nature, due to accumulated conditionings and samskaras (engraved memories). Eventually, we even let these conditionings and their inherent negative emotions take over our life. We let our health and happiness be ruled by fear, greed, worry, stress etc.

Nithyananda says thoughts are mere bubbles that rise and fall at random without a linear relation between them. As long as this natural process of renouncing the thoughts is allowed to happen, things are perfectly alright. This is our true nature. This is the meditative state we ought to be in.

But the problem starts because we start connecting our thoughts and start making a shaft of either pleasure or pain with it. This shaft is a product of our mind which itself is a myth. Our mind is nothing but a myth because it is just a collection of all these connected thoughts.

Our Consciousness suffers because of this process by which we connect our thoughts. We become a slave to our mind and cling on to it thinking that it is a reality. We do much damage to our Being because of this virtual reality that we create with our mind. When this happens, we fall completely out of sync with our true meditative nature; we move completely away from being pure Consciousness.

This amazing workshop will introduce the essence of the inner sciences and the fundamentals of our body-mind system. The meditation technique Life Bliss Meditation, cognized by Enlightened Master and Modern Mystic Paramahamsa Nithyananda, helps us understand our body-mind mechanics, and go within to experience and realize our true nature - Eternal Bliss.

Acharyas trained directly by Nithyanandaji conduct these classes at various places in the United States and Canada. All programs are in English.

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