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LBP Level 2 (Nithyananda Spurana Program)

The Flowering of Eternal Bliss

LBP Level 1 (Life Bliss Program) or Health & Wellness Meditation Program (HWP)


Do these questions sound familiar?

  • Why am I unhappy despite all the material successes?
  • How can I achieve emotional balance?
  • Am I more than just flesh and bones?
  • What is beyond life and death?
  • Is enlightenment within my reach?

If you seek an answer to any one of the above questions, this program is for You!

The problems facing us today exist in all levels of our being; conscious, unconscious, and subconscious. Most acute problems are deeply rooted in subconscious and unconscious levels. These problems have embedded themselves n chronic physical, mental, and emotional disorders. They have reached epidemic levels especially in Western countries.

Nithyananda Spurana Program - the Solutions.

The Nithyananda Spurana Program (NSP) is a meditation program that unleashes the 'blissful living' by creating the space within oneself to liberate from ingrained and unconscious emotions like guilt, desire, fear, pleasure and pain. It works on deeply engraved memories of past lives, liberating one from them. It is a gateway to a new life that is driven by natural intelligence and spontaneous enthusiasm. It facilitates life to be an eternal celebration for every individual.

Energy Bodies.

As humans, we exist in multiple dimensions. Each of us have seven bodies that we utilize in the process of living a human existence. To achieve and peaceful life and spiritual flowering, it is crucial that we explore these dimensions.

In the Nithyananda Spurana Program, deep personal experiences of wisdom from the Master that helped Him to gain enlightenment are shared. NSP is a unique program designed to help each of us live life with greater clarity by conquering all pain and fear.

Seven scientifically designed meditation techniques allow us to cleanse each Energy body. These techniques bring about great intellectual clarity, making life a joyous celebration. Great Truths will be unleased from ancient scriptures of the world's faiths. All apprehensions, doubts, concerns, and scientific theories concerning spiritual topics can be opened and discussed.

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