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Nithya Yoga - Yoga for Life Bliss

Yoga - An Introduction

'There are two types of scientists. Scientists of the outer world and scientists of the inner world. Scientists of the outer world are those who create formulas to reproduce the outer world experiences. Scientists of the inner world are those who create formulas to reproduce experiences of the inner world - on others.

Patanjali was one such inner scientist extraordinaire, who was the father and the founder of the Yoga system. Patanjali was the first Master who created a clear, scientific and logical system to reproduce the experience of enlightenment. Prior to Patanjali, enlightenment was an accident; it was a gamble, with no guarantee. Patanjali was the first Master and ‘spiritual navigator’ responsible for the mapping of consciousness and codifying complete directions for experiencing pure consciousness. He created a step by step formula to reproduce the experience of enlightenment; just as how scientists create formulae to reproduce experiences of the outer world, Patanjali created beautiful formulae and the technology to reproduce experiences of the inner world.

Patanjali's Yoga is called Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga refers to 8 parts, not 8 steps as usually believed; the system cannot be serially practiced in a linear manner, because the rules of yama and niyama (moral discipline) will only be established firmly after one has experienced Samadhi. The first rule in yama is truthfulness. Only after the experience of Samadhi can truthfulness happen. In the words of Nithyananda, “You can neither understand truth, nor feel the truth, nor live the truth until you experience Samadhi, or enlightenment.”

Please click here to watch the video on Nithya Yoga.

'Move or bend you body anyway with a strong intention. You will see that the intention becomes inscribed in your system and begins to express.'

A beautiful revelation from the Master is that whenever you bend or move your body for any purpose, that memory, that idea, will be completely inserted and recorded in your body and mind. When you move your body, or bend it or make it active with any intention, that intention or purpose will be recorded in your body. That intent or samskara will start expressing in your body. So, the way in which you bend your body in Yoga asanas is not important! The intention is! If you have a strong intention to have health and you bend your body while holding that intention, health will simply happen to you.

Any asana practiced for some purpose or intention will create that effect in your body, because your body itself is made from memory. Whether you believe it or not you are expressions of your own self hypnosis. Memories are recorded in your muscles. So, when you change the memories you can change your system also. Your system can then respond to the memory you are creating.

The Master adds, 'too much of a connection between asana and disease has happened in the West. For example, people are instructed to do specific postures to cure specific diseases or ailments. Any movement you do can be healing. If you just sit, you can see so much is happening in your system. Whatever yoga postures you do for 1 hour or half an hour, can they equate to the movements which happen in your body all 24 hours? No! How can the movements happening 24 hours a day in our body not have the capacity to heal? Why is it that we only believe that half an hour of asana is capable of this?' 'I am not here to add movements to your life. I am here to add life to your movements.'

'Anything you do with an intense enthusiasm is Yoga, is Nithya Yoga.’ Yoga means uniting. It is an intense enthusiasm which is continuously happening in our Being. If everything becomes yoga, only then are you in Eternal Yoga - Nithya Yoga. The destination of Nithya Yoga is making every moment into Yoga. Yoga is not limited to a 90 minute asana session. Yoga is not a part-time job. It can be a 24/7, 365 day experience. It is just a shift in our awareness. The whole day can become Yoga; our standing, walking, eating, driving, whatever we do from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, can be Yoga.


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