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Dhyana Spurana Program (DSP)

The Flowering of Meditaion

Life Bliss Program (LBP) or Health & Wellness Meditation Program (HWP)

Life Bliss Foundation

Our inherent nature is to renounce thoughts. Every thought is like a bubble that arises and bursts and the next thought comes up. As long as this natural process of renouncing the thoughts is allowed to happen, things are perfectly alright. This is our true nature. This is the meditative state we ought to be in.

But the problem starts because we start connecting our thoughts and start making a shaft of either pleasure or pain with it. This shaft is a product of our mind which itself is a myth. Our mind is nothing but a myth because it is just a collection of all these connected thoughts.

Our Consciousness suffers because of this process by which we connect our thoughts. We become a slave to our mind and cling on to it thinking that it is a reality. We do much damage to our Being because of this virtual reality that we create with our mind. When this happens, we fall completely out of sync with our true meditative nature; we move completely away from being pure Consciousness.

The Dhyana Spurana Program is a 2-day meditation program, designed to help us center ourselves in our Being and re-connect ourselves with our true meditative nature. It is a program to liberate us from the clutches of our mind, from our emotions, which are again just a by-product of our mind. It is aimed at breaking our mythical mental setup of pain and pleasure and creating a space in us for meditation to flower.

This program offers several meditation techniques suited to all types of people conceived. It is a unique program aimed at the flowering of meditation within each and every individual. It is a program that clears the Unconscious in every individual and puts one on the path of Eternal Bliss or Nithyananda.

Please check events for upcoming programs.

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