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LBP Level 1 (Life Bliss Program)

Meditation is the Key !
What is Life Bliss Program all about?

The Life Bliss Program helps you create your own Mind Relaxation Spa. The program unleashes the latent inner potential of every Being and helps in taking the first step towards Bliss. This program is about the flowering of Bliss within oneself.

This is an introductory level 2-day meditation program that works on the seven energy centers (chakras) in the human body. There are seven key Chakras or Energy Centers in the human body that is responsible for the proper functioning of the body, mind, and heart. These energy centers were discovered a very long time ago, and they deeply influence our physical, emotional and mental state. The presence of these energy centers in our body has now been scientifically documented by Kirlean photography. When any of the energy centers is low on energy, the system malfunctions and the body gets diseased. This changes the physical, mental, and emotional state from ease to 'dis-ease'. This low energy can be felt much before it manifests itself in the physical body as a disease. If we keep the energy centers in a cleansed and energized condition, they can help us live a disease free, stress free, and blissful healthy life.

Why is Life Bliss Program for me?

Meditation IS our true nature. As a child begins to grow, the purity of its Meditative state is spoilt due to many external factors. As a result, a child that arrives in this world in a state of utter innocence, wonder, joy, ecstacy, and celebration turns into a human being torn by divisions, tensions, and turmoil's. Deep rooted Engraved Memories (Samskaras) in the unconscious zone further cripple our ability to enjoy bliss.

The program has a two way approach. It provides intellectual knowledge, the simple understanding and practice of which provides powerful healing by establishing positive mindsets in the human conscious zone. The other part is the meditations themselves.

How are the Life Bliss Program meditations different?

The Life Bliss Program consists of a package of seven transformational meditation techniques drawn from all religions for all regions, and cognized and enriched by Nithyanandaji's keen insight and knowledge. These meditation techniques dramatically restore the life energy; eliminate deep rooted Engraved Memories (Samskaras), thereby infusing good health and bliss. which is the innate nature of every being. These meditation techniques can be practiced by one and all and have been enriched to suit the modern man's mind and mind-set. The techniques allow the blossoming of joy, bliss, love, healing and harmony. It also dramatically restores the life energy, thereby infusing good health and bliss.

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