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Health & Wellness Meditation Program

The Flowering of Good Health
Meditation is Medication
Life Bliss Foundation

Good health is ... not just an absence of disease; it is a state of positive well-being-ness. We are not just humans who are destined to fall sick and get cured. We are an abode of Bliss. We have been created to feel bliss continuously inside us and float with ecstatic lightness at the Being level. This is what is called good health."

-Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The Health & Wellness Program is an intense 2-day meditation program designed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda to help us reconnect with the innate intelligence of our bodies, and to allow a natural flowering of perfect health.

We are ever ready to spend our time, money and energy in curing ourselves. We are so caught up in the cycle of disease and cure. We see disease as an inevitable disaster that has a cure in the outer world.

In reality, every minor ailment or disease has its root in the mind. For example, continuous worrying leads to stomach ulcers. Every emotion of ours causes a disturbance in the energy level within us, which in turn manifests itself at the physical level as disease. We could make or break our bodies with our own emotions. This is the play of mind over matter. That is why our energy levels show tell-tale signs of an impending disease long before the physical symptoms show up.

Awaken your Body Intelligence

The human body is pure intelligence, and not merely a bio-mechanism. The body is intelligent energy which has the natural ability to respond to every thought produced in our minds. The body is a means to connect with the zone of pure intelligence or the space of inner consciousness. Our bodies are alive and functioning primarily so that we may reach the space in which we experience a deep joy and restful awareness. The reason for our very existence is to reconnect with our Being and achieve the ultimate state of bliss!

Our body and mind are deeply rooted in our inner Consciousness. We continuously look to grow at the intellectual level, but remain dangerously underdeveloped at the Being level. It is only when this Consciousness is awakened, that our intelligence springs forth and keeps our body and mind healthy at a quantum level.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, "WE ARE ENERGY. The body is an expression of energy. In the eastern system, we call the body the 'annamaya kosha' - our body is a sheath or the outer layer covering pure energy. Through meditation there is inner healing, and by healing, we mean being complete - achieving our wholeness, and ultimately reaching complete fulfillment - Self Realization."

Get ready to discover the roots of your body and mind. Prepare to move from your periphery to your inner core. Understand and experience that your Being is pure Bliss!

Health & Wellness Meditation workshops are being held in multiple cities across the world. Click to register for the workshop in the city nearest to you....

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