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Nithyananda - Tour Schedule

Never Miss an Opportunity to be with a Living Master


INDIA Programs

For ongoing Swamiji's programs in India click here

USA Programs

Yogam2009 - Sep_Oct
Click here
to see Swamiji's Schedule in North America

* Programs in Vancouver and Toronto are conducted by Nithyananda Meditation Academy, Canada
** Healers Initiation will be conducted by Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, India

Kalpataru program – The door to the divine energy is open.
In the Kalpataru program, Master showers compassion on all of the devotees and enlivens everyone with the divine energy. In the Kalpataru program you will experience meditation techniques and concepts to prepare your body, mind and being to receive and imbibe the Master's energy at a very deep level. It is a very powerful and transforming experience. Kalpataru program, is being brought to the USA for the first time during this Spring Tour. Don't miss this opportunity! The door to the divine energy is open. Attending this program will be the best decision you can make in all your life times!

Yoga Spurana Program
Experience the Change

Yoga is a spiritual science gifted to the world by Patanjali, a sage from ancient India, who is considered the Father of Yoga. It is a technique for inner awakening which can become a lifestyle if you allow it to happen in you. Yoga is not just body postures or breath control. It is a continuous happening in you. It enhances physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strengths, and above all, leads you to Self Realisation itself. With the flowering of yoga in you, you can see a visible change in your postures, ethical discipline and sensory perceptions. Through Yoga, the integration of your body, mind and spirit, the strength of your intent, the power of your visualization, and the courage of your conviction can take a quantum jump.


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