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Following is the daily routine at Life Bliss Foundation, 9720 Central Avenue, Montclair, CA 91763. Call 626-205-3286 for details

Daily Routine

7.00 am Nithya Dhyan Meditation followed by Guru Pooja

The Nithya Dhyan technique is a simple, natural procedure to connect to your vast inner reservoir of creativity, energy, intelligence and bliss on a daily basis. There is an ocean of bliss within each of us. Connecting to this reservoir of overflowing joy can help bring out immense creativity, energy, and intelligence within each of us. The degree to which we are able to draw from this inner space of life, we grow in health, happiness, and success in our outer life.  Nithya Dhyan helps to get the best of the inner and outer worlds.

Nithya Dhyan is followed by Guru Pooja which is paying obeisance and gratitude to the Divine in the form of the Master. The Master's padukas (sandals) are used for worship to represent the Master.

7.45 am Shiva Sutras Chanting

Shiva Sutras are techniques for enlightenment given by the enlightened master Shiva to his wife Devi who is another enlightened master. Verses from this ancient scripture are chanted. Chanting mantras has a deep meditative effect and helps instill peace in the mind and body.

6.30 pm Nithya Dhyan Meditation

7:00 pm Nithya Arathi

A beautiful light and sound ritual performed with various types of traditional lamps and other equipment as way of worship and paying respect to the deity. Done rhythmically in sync with music played for the ritual. It is meditative treat to just watch this ritual.

7am and 7pm Nithya Yoga

Nithya Yoga happening every day at the Temple, 7am and 7pm.  You have a choice: You can do Nithya Dhyaan in Temple at 6:30pm, stay for Aarthi, then join Asanas at 7:35, or Start Nithya Dhyaan at 7pm and go directly into Nithya Yoga Asanas.

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