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"Every child is born innocent. And all that the child needs from parents and the society is not knowledge, but a deepening of innocence... Meditation is the only way of deepening innocence, and if the child grows with his center blossoming you will have a society which is cultured , a society of Buddhas, the awakened ones. This is my whole effort here"

- Nithyananda

Nithyananda Gurukul - learn and flower naturally

Nithyananda Gurukul is the loving space for children to learn and grow, and become wonderful energies of love and compassion. It creates a space for self-transformation where education is transmission of wisdom, not just knowledge. It protects and develops the innate intelligence of the child. It creates a fearless approach to life and learning. Life at the Gurukul is as challenging as is joyful. The children here grow to be responsible individuals, well learned and capable of facing the toughest challenges of life, centered deeply within. Nithyananda Gurukul is run by Dhyanapeetam, India.

Little Anandas - celebrating innocence

Life is Education, Expression and Celebration. Allowing children to discover the truth by being spontaneous and creative helps them understand things for themselves . This enhances their creative capacity for life; and creativity becomes their wisdom. This capacity and wisdom will lead them to unchartered sea of truth. Little Anandas is a program to bring children closer to existence and experience the sweetness of education through love, meditation, celebration and creativity. Children in the camp are introduced to the Art of Centering through meditations, the Enriching of the Self through creativity, and the Expanding of Self -Awarenss through selfimposed fun based challenges. Education here means drawing the inner being into expression in your day-to-day life. Click to see photos of Little Anandas program held in Bangalore by Dhyanapeetam, India.

Youth Empowerment

The mission runs several Community Outreach programs like Ananda Yogam and Gnana Dhan that help youth from all types of socio-economic backgrounds to become self-supporting and confident in facing life and excelling in whatever field they may choose. These programs are offered by Dhyanapeetam, India.

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