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Guaranteed Solutions

Guaranteed Solutions is a book aimed at bringing a radical understanding of our emotions such as sex, fear, worry, attention-need, jealousy, ego and discontentment. The information is a compilation of the worldwide talks that Nithyanandaji has given in meditation camps such as the Ananda Spurana Program (ASP) and Life Bliss Program (LBP). It introduces us to the 7 vital Energy centers in our body called the chakras, whose functioning has a direct bearing upon our physical and mental well-being.

The book explains the direct relationship between our emotions and these Energy centers. We are educated on the subtle ways in which these emotions affect our overall well-being. In a very comprehensive manner we are taught how these debilitating emotions are mere shadows without objects. We are given the assurance that it is possible to lead a life free from the power these emotions wield over us. It provides tremendous scope to liberate ourselves from the dilemmas of the mind and depression of our Being; to be free from the mental slavery that is keeping our spirit in bondage. We are helped to create a space in us to flower and re-connect with our inner core, with our true Self - which is beyond the body and mind, which is pure and Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda!!

“A wonderful book with beautiful pearls of wisdom that sink in you… with every word ringing deep down in your heart and head” – from amazon.com review.

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