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Guru Poornima Message

Self realization is the only goal in life!

Just like you celebrate Father's Day, Mother's day , Lover's Day and so on, the Vedic Masters created Master's Day for us to celebrate. That is Guru Poornima.

We celebrate the Master's Day just because he happened in our lives. It is not an easy thing. It is an ultimate gift, the ultimate experience for any human being. Master is the ultimate luxury. Understand two or three things.

We do not know how to live with whatever has happened to us, how to enjoy ourselves. Master is the ultimate thing in your being. He demands the ultimate luxury; your ego; your being.

When Master happens in our lives, nothing else is needed. If he does not happen, nothing else is of use.

Over the world, I have seen so many cultures; so many ideologies, so many social systems. There is so much calamity, so much depression globally; these are global problems, at root level. People are doing research to create a new social system to get over these problems, to minimize these problems. They find that Indian society is the most stable. It has withstood many upheavals, political slavery, cultural invasions, every possible problem, and still alive more or less the way it was created 10,000 years ago. Depression and similar ailments on a percentage of population basis are negligible.

All this is the result of 10,000 year of R & D in the inner world, in the laboratories of temples and ashrams, by scientists, the rishis and sadhus, came up with this vedic culture. Indians are respected world over and wanted for their confidence, honesty and low levels of depression. Their dharmic level is high.

In the Indian gurukul system, till a person is mature he is given protection; this gives maturity. Till 21 a student is given a manual of dos and donts. But slaves are not given opportunities to become Masters. These students have the possibility.

We enjoy the gifts of this system; music, food, medicine, dance, and any ore things apart from spiritual progress. These are the gifts of the great masters, fruits of their R &D.; fruits of their sacrifice.

Let us express gratitude. Today is the day to offer them gratitude for creating, developing and keeping this system alive. By their grace, millions have become enlightened. I never thought I would. I did because of their grace, not because of any penances I did. They wanted their tradition to be alive. They pick up the best of what is available as candidates. This culture, this vedic culture must live on. If it dies Planet Earth will disappear.

I have studied so many systems. They offer either no freedom or too much freedom with no maturity. They did in dilemmas. I give my disciples freedom, if they wish, as a punishment. In the spiritual path, one may look like a slave, but you do not know the joy. When I got enlightened I lost my freedom. I cannot even move my little finger on my own; but I got bliss, bliss of slavery to the universe.

It is time to express our devotion, in gratitude for creating this culture, this social ideology. Just because of these Masters this culture is alive. Life still exists on Planet earth. Otherwise it would have been wiped out by power hungry politicians; because they preached spirituality and created these systems , we still exist.

Try and inspire your educated son to attend a meditation program. Then you will realize the difficulties these Masters would have had in making this culture survive through hundreds of generations.

These great Masters have inspired millions by creating, developing, and transmitting for many hundred generations, conveying their knowledge clearly. If you observe a single temple in south India you will understand. Each took hundreds of years to complete, 500 to 600 years; 30 generations or more. No architect or stapati could work for more than 20 years working on stone. 30 generations of stapati understanding the master plan and executing, knowing fully well that he will not live to see the end product. They were not fools, they were inspired.

These masters inspired people like this to work on projects; they inspired Kings and noble men to donate to these causes; they built hundreds of thousands of such temples. In India there over 11 million temples where daily rituals are conducted, and over 90 million where such rituals are not regular.

It is time for us to remember these great Masters, remember all of them, for the wonderful philosophy they handed down, and the great way of life.

Master is a channel to bring wisdom to your life and to update it, according to your need.

'Atmano mokshartam, jagat hitaya cha'
'For Self realization and good of the world'

These two lines have been used by Masters, so many Masters, including Vivekananda. Purpose of life is not two different things, Self realization and good of the world; they are one and the same.

Where in the body there is no I, then whatever is said is mantra; whatever is done is tantra; whatever path is taken is yantra.

If you receive these words in silence and in prayer, you will experience. If you are a superficial person you feel I am just talking. If you are a devotee you realize I am doing alchemy; if you are a disciple, you know that no one is speaking, this throne is empty, words are coming from somewhere.

Creation is one, words are two. When one is enlightened one speaks for the good of the world. When you start serving others, you are traveling towards yourself. Experience and expression are not different. When you experience you express; when you express you travel towards the experience. In service, start expressing compassion. Imitate the Master. You will travel towards experience; towards enlightenment. Service is the path to enlightenment; it is a part of enlightenment.

Seekers who do not serve are caught in ego. To serve you have to relate and reach out to the world. Your tumors will be exposed. If you decide not to serve, you escape; no method to find out. Tyaga, sacrifice, will show what tumors you have; what depths you have reached. To serve human beings you need to be perfect; you need intelligence.

Giving our gratitude to Master is to strengthen our commitment. It is not worship. 100 namsakaras, prostrating, will give you only back pain and knee pain. Commit your trust to strengthen Master's mission is the only way to express your gratitude.

Let you all understand, stand up and take responsibility; that is the only way to show respect to the vedic system and lifestyle.

- Taken from Nithyanandaji's talks during the Guru Poornima celebrations, Bidadi Ashram, India in July - '06

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